Hi! I'm Chelsea Corvus (nee Battell)

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I like logic and crafts.

I have a master's degree in mathematics and I'm currently working on a PhD in computer science at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. My research is in the areas of proof theory (studying formal arguments) and formal methods for software engineering (making sure software does what it's supposed to do). My work is funded by a Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D).

I also sew, knit, and crochet. My Instagram shows some of the things I've made.


Recent work:

I've worked on a few projects making tools related to defining knitting patterns and checking their correctness. See here for the project completed for a compilers course during my undergrad and here for a new version I worked on in the early days of my PhD.

For a linear logic course project I explored encoding the math of knitting in linear logic. I wrote a report and gave a talk (opens in keynote).

I also took a course on Information Visualization where I made a tool using D3 that I called Treehehe for visualization and walk-through of proof trees. I wrote a report and gave a talk on this work. I hope to expand this tool to provide an interface for building new trees and then writing LaTeX for the tree.

As a complement to a seminar I presented, I made a webpage on the basics of logic programming languages to use for the presentation and later reference. It can be found here.