Hi! I'm Chelsea Battell

Chelsea Battell
My first garment sewing project

I like logic and crafts. I have a master's degree in mathematics. My research is in the areas of proof theory (studying formal arguments) and formal methods for software engineering (making sure software does what it's supposed to do). I also sew, knit, and crochet. When not thinking about logic and programming languages or engaging in crafty pursuits, I spend time with my cockatiel, Curry.

Other places on the internet with information about me and my work include LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and GitHub. I've started posting on Medium. I plan on talking about my experiences learning and building things.

I also have a resume.

Lately I've been working on learning JavaScript from a book series called You Don't Know JS. Types are my security blanket (or possibly shield to protect me from the terrible things in the world), but I have decided to try to relax my need for them and practice working with less structure. I have heard it is good to confront one's fears and anxieties...

NaN !== NaN oh no... == and === are not equivalence relations? are we all in danger?!

Well anyway, below are some personal projects I've been working on.

Personal Projects

Pillowcase Pattern Generator
This is a page that allows you to enter in a number of details about the pillow you desire and generates sewing patterns for both the pillow and a case for it. It's nowhere near complete but feel free to play around with it.

To get some practice using web languages I made a page with this game called Othello (sometimes called Reversi) that I liked to play as a child.